Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring

Jun 2, 2017

ATC training material now available

We are happy to announce that the training material with the following Advanced Training Courses (ATCs) is now freely available to access via the links listed below.


Course Information Link
ATC1   How can we make A‐TEAM work? Held Birmingham 18-19 September 2013   Link
ATC2   Techniques for Monitoring Organic Chemicals in the Environment Held VU University, Amsterdam 30 April 2014   Link
ATC3   Techniques for Assessment of Human Exposure to Organic Chemicals used in Consumer Goods.  Held Antwerp University, 24-25 April 2014  Link
ATC4   Modeling External & Internal Exposure to Organic Chemicals Held Stockhom, 16-17 June 2014   Link
ATC5   Communicating science, Held Stockholm, June 18 - 19, 2014  Link