Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring

May 4, 2014

Network Meeting and Training in Antwerp/Amsterdam April 2014

Network meeting is a very important semi-conference in the semantic field, because the issues that will be raised there are very important for the overall development. Discussions, reports, trainings - all this encourages thinking about environmental and anthropological issues. If you want to join the discussion, or are thinking about using a topic (approximate topic) in your work, but you don't have the inspiration or theoretical basis, you can apply for narrative essays online.

This network meeting was combined with an Advanced Training Course on 'Techniques for assessment of human exposure to organic chemicals used in consumer goods' at University of Antwerp.

  • The meeting also involved:
  • Progress reports from each fellow
  • Presentations on the sampling campaign
  • Communication and outreach discussions
  • Financial and reporting issues
  • Schedule update of meetings and Advanced Training Courses

The next meeting will be the mid-term review meeting in Brussels, October 2014.