Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring


ER2 What are the most biologically-relevant approaches to monitoring PFASs in the human diet?

ER2 will work collaboratively at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health with ESR 3 to elucidate the most biologically-relevant approach to estimating dietary exposure to PFASs. But you can read the main points about the object on various scientific resources or buy thesis online in order to join the coverage of the topic. ER1 will determine concentrations of PFASs in diet samples and interpret these results alongside the corresponding data generated by ESR3 on PFASs in hand wipes and blood. Specifically, ER2 will establish for PFASs whether duplicate diet measures of exposure provide a better indicator than food frequency questionnaire-based approaches.

Contact: Dr. Line Smastuen Haug, Norwegian Institute of Public Health



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