Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring


ESR8 Human exposure to OPEs and phthalate esters- a PK modelling approach.

At IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, ESR8 will synthesise knowledge of human exposure to these contaminants and incorporate them into a PK model of human exposure. The work of ESR8 has strong synergies with ER3 (who will provide insights into the human metabolism of OPEs), and ESRs 5 and 6. Moreover, given the potential for trans-dermal uptake of phthalate esters from e.g. cosmetics, ESR8 will examine such uptake using a synthetic skin model approach during a secondment to the University of Birmingham in collaboration with ESR10. This knowledge will improve PK models.

Contact: Anna Palm Cousins, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Email: [email protected]


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