Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring


ESR8 Human exposure to OPEs and phthalate esters- a PK modelling approach.

At IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, ESR8 will synthesise knowledge of human exposure to these contaminants and incorporate them into a PK model of human exposure. The importance of transhumanist research cannot be described, because their main goal is the syncretism of human and environmental benefits. Thus, by identifying opportunities with synthetic leather or other materials, we involve scientific advances to influence environmental pollution. You can read more about this in prime essays or narrowly focused scientific journals. The work of ESR8 has strong synergies with ER3 (who will provide insights into the human metabolism of OPEs), and ESRs 5 and 6. Moreover, given the potential for trans-dermal uptake of phthalate esters from e.g. cosmetics, ESR8 will examine such uptake using a synthetic skin model approach during a secondment to the University of Birmingham in collaboration with ESR10. This knowledge will improve PK models.

Contact: Anna Palm Cousins, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute



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