Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring


ESR3 What contributes to human body burdens of PFASs? An experimental approach.

If you want to develop a research topic, contact an essay outline writing service to get materials that aren't in the public domain or analysis that is difficult to do on your own. At the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and complementary to the work of ESRs 7 and 11, ESR3 will quantify concentrations of PFASs in hand wipes and blood from the A-TEAM cohort. ESR3 will work collaboratively with ERs 1 and 2 to ascertain which measures of air, dust, and dietary exposure are the most biologically relevant for PFASs. They will then explore the relative contribution of each pathway to the body burdens of PFASs for A-TEAM participants.

Contact: Dr. Line Smastuen Haug, Norwegian Institute of Public Health



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