Advanced Tools For Exposure
Assessment and Biomonitoring


ESR5 What contributes to human body burdens of phthalate esters? An experimental approach.

There are many research institutes related to ESR8, ESR5. One of the best is the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research, where experts conduct quite interesting experiments and study various indicators of impact, which are discussed later in the article. If you also need to research and describe this problem in your papers, you can contact order-essays.com

At the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, with links to ESR8, ESR5 will quantify concentrations of phthalate esters in samples of air, dust, diet, and hand wipes. They will also measure levels of phthalate ester metabolites in urine from A-TEAM subjects, and collect data on the use of personal care products by subjects to evaluate possible exposure via dermal contact with phthalate esters in such products. ESR 5 will use results to develop urinary excretion factors. As well as elucidating the relative importance of air, dust, and diet as pathways of exposure for phthalates, ESR5 will collaborate with ERs 1 and 2 to ascertain which measures of air, dust, and dietary exposure are the most biologically relevant.

Contact: Dr. Jorgen Magner, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute



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